A multi ¬ talented, resourceful and organized artist, Wendy creates through many different mediums:
impressionistic sculpture, imaginative graphics, creative home décor, sculpted fiber knit pieces, realistic in-depth paintings
and murals, mixed with her performance poetry and melodious lyric art.

Whether drawn into one of Wendy's paintings, floating on her songs, or enticed to caress her sculpture,
Wendy inspires and touches with her own unique, creative truth


"To inspire, to touch others through creations of my own truth. Life motivates and inspires me to seek out
the good, the inspirational, the mystic qualities of life.
Life on this planet, life in this universe, the mystic qualities of our minds genetic memory, intuition, the beauty and balance in nature.
Learning through creation and creating through my learning, a never ending cycle of life and death and life."