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Approx 24"T by 18"W by 8"D
Papier Mache slab hanging shelf, acrylic faux metalic paint & Sedona red dirt finish

RAVEN'S MEDICINE: is often considered
magic/mystical, part of the great mystery
of the void.

Black is often considered a color of magical
power. Raven symbolizes the void
the mystery of that which is not yet formed
symbolic of a Black Hole in Space
drawing in all energy to itself and re-
leasing in new form.

Iridescent blue's and green's seen in the
glossy black feathers represents constant change.

Raven is sometimes considered the guardian of
ceremonial magic and healing circles, and sometimes
the Trickseter.

Raven's element is air, as a messenger spirit used to
project magic over great distances.