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Approx 36" outside diameter.
3 layers of papier mace slab / fans spread out to form a circle of rays.
4 copper rods represent four directions or doorways. Recycled copper wire
coils are laced through drilled holes in the rays and beaded with a black quartz raw crystal
embedded in center and 4 stones representing four directions / doorways
Finished with multi colored sand & crushed turquoise with a copper coil hanger

MANDALA is a Sanskrit word that means "circle".
In the Hindu and Buddhist religious traditions
their sacred art often takes a mandala form.
The basic form of most Hindu and Buddhist
mandalas is a square with four gates containing
a circle with a center point.

Mandala has become a generic term that
represents the cosmos metaphysically or

MEDICINE WHEEL represents harmony
and connections and is considered a major
symbol of peaceful interaction among all living
beings on Earth.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the
Medicine Wheel as no written record to their
purpose has been found. One theory is
the wheels contain significant stellar and cosmological