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Life Size
Wire framed papier mache, corn kernel mosaic, husk,
and red earth finish.

as the prettiest of the corn maiden sisters,kind and of
gentle spirit she brought peace and happiness to her people.

One cold winter Winter Katsina took Blue Corn Maiden
to live in his house where she was loved but kept captive.
Summer Katsina came and returned Blue Corn Maiden
to her people where she was allowed to live 6 months
out of each year, returning to Winter Katsina each winter,
Blue Corn Maiden became the symbol of spring

"CORN (grain) DOLLIES' European pagan traditions:
The last ears of corn are made into a doll, called Corn or
Old Mother or the Old Woman and is brought home on
the last wagon.

The last sheaf is dressed in women's clothes and called the
Corn-mother. It is carried home on the last waggon,
then thoroughly drenched with water, a rain charm.

The finest ears are plucked and made into a wreath
twined with flowers, carried on her head by the prettiest girl
of the village to the farmer or squire

Corn-mother made by an elder woman of the community
is laid down in the barn to keep off the mice,or placed
on the top of a pile of wood, where she is the centre of the
harvest supper and dance.

The name the "Old Woman" for such "corn dolls" was in
use among the Germanic pagans of Flanders in the 7th century