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Body Emerging
Digital Collage and Poem

Body Emerging, soul from the earth
oozing and wheezing,
struggling towards birth

Genius unfolding, arousing, uncouth
awfully breaching
and reaching towards truth

Blind with eyes open, sensory thirst
engaging and raging a race to be first

Fingertips opening, pulse redefining
organs like factory machines start to whining

Compelling novice, artfully sucking
succulence slippery soons turns to fucking

Lustfully grasping, incendiary prancing
caressing and teasing the mother lies gasping

Sculpting, assimilating time and again
over and over our bodies begin

Through the grace of our nature
the nature of grace
allowing our presence to grow unerased

What dreams will be seized,
what scars do we leave
to the mother the father that give our life ease

Body Emerging, gift of the ages
weaving and scheming
a world full ofmages

All copyright Wendy Harford May 2004